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New QuickCommunities Moderation Features

QuickCommunities offers a solution that enables users to build, create and recruit target consumers into a custom community experience for real-time discussions, events, and/or focus groups. It’s a qualitative solution that allows users to obtain deeper insights.

Recently, we released 3 new features that will help moderators connect and engage with participants more easily, and efficiently. Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Pin topics – This feature allows the moderator to “pin” a topic to the top of the discussion board, ensuring that all members see the most important topic first, each time. Moderators can pin multiple topics at a time.

pin topic



  • Tag member in discussion/chat with “@” - This feature allows the moderator to tag a specific member within the discussion.  Moderators can simply use the ‘@’ symbol before the member name to tag a member. This will ensure that the members are able to see their names on a more pronounced scale within the discussion.

tag member



  • Schedule topics This feature allows the moderator to configure a set date and time for which a topic will display to members within the community. Topics can be preconfigured based on the planned discussion and minimize efforts while the community is live.
    • In the event that moderators prefer a more bulletin-board style approach. Members will be exposed to incremental topics without the moderator being online, providing a more ‘hands free” approach to moderating the community.



For more info on QuickCommunities, you can scroll through our posts here, or watch videos here.

Interested in setting up a QuickCommunity? Contact us here.

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